A 7-day hands-on material research and design master class for all national laureates will be held in Kassel, Germany from August 20 till August 28, 2022.


During this workshop, the theme of REIMAGINE will be further explored in an international setting, supported by experts from the concrete industry, and both local and international critics and tutors.


The Concrete Design Master Class on REIMAGINE will be hosted by G.tecz Engineering in Kassel Germany. G.tecz is a research and development enterprise specialised in developing high tech concrete mortars and their implementations in production lines and industry. They are known for optimizing concretes (less cement, less raw materials, less energy, less environmental footprint) and developing all sorts of (ultra) high performance concretes. One should think of ultra-high strength, ultra-thin elements, ultra-workable (fluid or moist-dry), etcetera. Our Master Class will be supported by both their technologies as well as their expertise and personnel.


We plan to offer hands-on experiences with a variety of concretes and their respective production methods;

1. Ultra-thin (3 mm thick) concrete ‘sheets’, that after production can be folded into spatial objects before they set. We could use cnc-foamcut formwork elements to secure the desired folded shapes.

2. Extruded concrete elements, the concrete gets pushed through a ‘die’. In principle any length could be achieved. We can develop our own ‘die-shapes’ and 3D-print those in PLA or ABS.

3. 3D-printed concrete (robotically) for which we can both experiment with robot-specific g-codes as well as self-developed and manufactured nozzle shapes.

4. (Ultra) High Performance Concretes that can be casted in a more traditional fashion, resulting in extremely strong elements with super dense (smooth) surfaces

5. Rotation moulded concrete objects; fully enclosed formworks that will be filled with a minimum of very fluid concrete, the moulds will be continuously rotated for the duration of the setting process of the concrete, resulting in completely enclosed hollow concrete objects.


Our Master Class week coincides with the DOCUMENTA 15. The DOCUMENTA is the second largest art exhibition in the world (after the Venice Biennale) that is organized once every five years in Kassel, Germany. Our program includes one and a half days of ‘free’ time to be able to visit the various exhibitions. Furthermore, the Concrete Design Master Class will conclude with a public event ‘Concrete Night’ in which we will host a variety of ambitions and visions on ‘concrete reimagined’ through short presentations by experts, debate, and drinks.


G.tecz Engineering: https://www.gtecz-engineering.com

DOCUMENTA 15: https://documenta-fifteen.de/en/


Concrete Design Master Class on TACTILITY – 2018 Brussels


bureaubakker – Ryan McGaffney

bureaubakker – Siebe Bakker

Concrete Design Master Class on METAMORPHOSIS – 2016 Berlin


video & editing: 
bureaubakker – Siebe Bakker & Elise Buiter