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Laurens Jan ten Kate, 1965

partner Architectuurstudio HH

Laurens Jan graduated as architect at the TU-Delft, faculty of Architecture, in 1992. He was winner of Archiprix 1993 for his graduation project.
Laurens Jan joined the architecture practise of Herman Herztberger in 1989 and became partner in Architectuurstudio HH, Amsterdam, in 2007.
Laurens Jan is specialized in complex design projects.
He was guest teacher in Austria (Kunstakademie Wien), UK (the Bartlett School London), Schotland (Macintosh School of Art Glasgow), and for several year external examinor for the RIBA. And he is still teaching in the Netherlands (TU Delft, Academies of Architecture in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Groningen and Tilburg)

Some of his remarkable projects are:
Head Office of Waternet, Amsterdam (2005)
Water Treatment Plant, Amsterdam (2006)
Fire Station, Zwolle (2007)
Head Office Aramis, Roosendaal (2008)
Faculty of Science, University Utrecht (2010)
Housing “De Witte Wolken”, Apeldoorn (2010)
Faculty of Natural Science, TU Eindhoven (2011-)

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Olv Klijn, 1974

partner .FABRIC

Olv Klijn graduated as architect at TU Eindhoven, faculty of Architecture, cum laude, in 2001.
After his stay at the Canadian Banff Centre, as artist in residence, he worked for OMA in Rotterdam.
Together with Eric Frijters Olv founded the architecture practice FABRIC in Amsterdam, 2007.
Olv won the prestigious Prix the Rome Award for Dutch architects under 35.
He wrote the monograph ‘VMX Agenda’ (010 Publishers, 2007) and together with Jo Janssen he published ‘10 x Den Bosch’ (NAi Publishers, 2008).
Olv is editor of DASH (NAi Publishers) and writes for various magazines among others for Architectenweb.nl.
Olv is teaching at the TU-Delft, faculty of Architecture and coordinates design research at the Academy of Architecture in Arnhem.

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Michiel Haas, 1946

director / founder NIBE
professor Technical University Delft

Michiel Haas is educated as architect, got his master degree from the ETH Zürich (1972) and became specialist in sustainable building. He received a doctor degree from TU Eindhoven on the development of an environment classification model for the building sector in 1997.
In 1980 he started with a partner his architectural firm SBH Architecten, which he left in 1990 to found
NIBE, the Dutch Institute for Building Biology and Ecology. Michiel is still director of NIBE which is a multidisciplinary consultancy practise and research institute in the field of sustainable and healthy building. With NIBE Michiel is co-developer of different LCA-programs like GreenCalc (for buildings), DuboCalc (for infrastructure), DuMo-rekenmodel (for buildings of cultural heritage).
In 2009 Michiel accepted a professorship Materials & Sustainability at the TU Delft, faculty Civil and Geotechnical Engineering.

Michiel Haas is author and editor of numerous books and publications. A selection:
- NIBE’s Environmental Classifications for Building Products (Part 1-5)
- Elektrostress & Health
- Healthy and alternative buildings

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Rogier van Nalta, 1978
structural engineer

head of innovation department Pieters Bouwtechniek

Rogier van Nalta graduated as a structural engineer from the Delft University of Technology in 2004. He started working as an engineer at structural consultancy practise Pieters Bouwtechniek in the same year. He was involved in a variety of projects such as housing, offices, schools, museums and bridges.
In 2008 Rogier set up the innovation department at Pieters Bouwtechniek. One of their current innovation projects is the use of ultra high performance concrete for ultra thin balconies. Recently Rogier has been involved in Pieters’ co-creation projects for development and testing new ways of collaboration.

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Tom Bosschaert, 1979
industrial design engineer / architect

founder Except Integrated Sustainability

Tom Bosschaert founded Except Integrated Sustainability in 1999, which is to this day one of the few integrated research and development agencies in the world. With over 20 disciplines, 50 people with experience on 4 continents and more than 12 nationalities, Except is a unique organization that works on strategy an innovation for tomorrow's solutions, including the built environment.
Originally trained as an industrial design engineer at the TU Delft, Tom pursued additional degrees in architecture and planning at Yale University and the University of Western Australia. For a large part of the last decade, Tom traveled the world to find new methods for symbiotically connecting the natural environment and industrial society. In that time, Except completed projects in the United States, Australia, China, and Canada. Tom is a certified BREEAM-NL assessor. In 2007, Tom returned to the Netherlands to re-establish Except in his home country.

Some of Tom’s notable projects:
Symbiosis in Development method and toolset, which enables cross-disiplinary, integrated system-level innovation in virtually all disciplines;
Merredin Health Industries project (2000), which introduced an algae plant for economical and ecological restructuring in Australia;
San Francisco Bay Terminal (2005), the largest ecological roof park in the world;
an integrated sustainable urban planning proposal for the city of Shanghai utilizing vertical agriculture (2007);
Schiebroek-Zuid social housing redevelopment project (2010) which provides a development trajectory for an impoverished post-war area, taking into account energy, water, food, social and economical programme.

Tom has managed projects for a variety of governmental and corporate institutions, such as the ministry of housing and the environment in the Netherlands, the city councils of Boston and Shanghai, the Dutch ministry of agriculture, various housing corporations, and private organizations.