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en•er•gy [LL energia, fr. Gk energeia, activity, operation, fr. energos active, effective fr. en in + ergon work – more at IN, WORK] 1 of language or style: imaginative or affective force : VITALITY 2 : the capacity of acting, operating, or producing an effect : inherent power 3 : power efficiently and forcefully exerted : vigorous or effectual operation : VIGOROUSNESS 4 a : the realized state of potentialities as opposed to their unrealized state – compare ENTELECHY b (1) : ACTIVITY; esp : psychical activity (2) : the product of activity : EFFECT 5 : an entity rated as the most fundamental of all physical concepts and usu. regarded as the equivalent of or the capacity for doing work either being associated with material bodies (as a coiled spring or speeding train) or having an existence independent of matter (as light or X rays traversing a vacuum), E=MC2 - see CONSERVATION OF ENERGY, KINETIC ENERGY, POTENTIAL ENERGY 6 : MUZZLE ENERGY syn see POWER

Webster’s Third New International Dictionary

theme-related literature

For general literature on concrete see 'info/technical info'

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Kees Kaan on 'Escape from the Cavity Wall', in conversation with Siebe Bakker

22.000 Concrete Blocks, 2de Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, NL, 2009

‘stonehenge upon maas’ – re-use of 22.000 40-ton blocks from existing seawall
image / source: Rein Geleijnse / skyscrapercity.com

American Cement Building, Los Angeles, US, 1961
Daniel Mann Johnson + Mendenhall

bris-soleil by artist Malcolm Leland

image / source: bureaubakker

Atlas Building, Wageningen, NL, 2007
Rafael Vinoly Architects & Van den Oever, Zaaijer en Partners

concrete structural exoskeleton
image / source: bureaubakker

Bazaltbor Winery, Badacsonytoma, HR, 2010

image / source: Zsolt Batár / www.dezeen.com

Broëlberg Housing, Kilchberg, CH, 2001

Image / source: bureaubakker

Bruder Klaus Chapel, Wachendorf, DE, 2007
Peter Zumthor

image / source: bureaubakker

Bunker 599 + 603, Culemborg, NL, 2010
Rietveld Landscape

cut through WW2 bunker

image / source: bureaubakker

Caladh Mòr Sheltered Harbour Development, Inis Mèain, Aran Islands,IR, 2010
RPS Consulting Engineers

breakwaters: on site casted Xbloc armour units
image / source: dmc.nl / Irish Concrete Society

Casa Delphin, Santurce, PR
Fuster + Partners

perforated glass reinforced concrete

image / source: fusterpartners.com

Chapel of St.Nepomuk, Oberrealta, CH, 1993
Christian Kerez, Rudolf Fontana

image / source: bureaubakker

Design Academy, Essen, DE, 2006

‘active insulation’ façade, Bollinger + Grohmann

image / source: bureaubakker

Dress Your Body AG, Corcelles- Cormondrèche, CH, 2008
Atelier Oï
filigrene concrete bris-soleil
image / source: Yves André, St. Aubin/CH und Créabéton Matériaux, Lyss/CH

EDF Archives Centre, Bure, FR, 2008

image / source: www.lan-paris.com

EMBANKMENT, The Unilever Series, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, 2005
Rachel Whiteread

14,000 casts of the inside of different boxes
image / source: bureaubakker

Experimental Pavillion, Kaiserlautern, DE, 2007
TU kaiserslautern

ultra high performance concrete

image / source: www.minimalbaukoerper.de

Giardin Dwellings, Samedan, CH, 2007
Mierta & Kurt Lazzarini Architekten

layered stamped concrete

image / source: Ralph Feiner/ zement + beton 1 11

Haus Meuli, Fläsch, CH, 2001
Bearth & Deplazes

insulated monolithic concrete walls - misapor

image / source: bureaubakker

Historisches Museum, Bern, CH, 2009

image / source: Christoph Schütz / zement + beton 1 11

Holocaust-Memorial, Berlin, DE, 2005
Peter Eisenman

2711 monolithic concrete blocks

image / source: bureaubakker

Hoover Dam, Westerville, Ohio, US, 1936
John L. Savage, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

concrete arch-gravity dam, 17 generators, maximum capacity: 1345 megawatts
image / source: U.S. Bureau of Reclamation / science.howstuffworks.com

House, 193 Grove Road, London, UK, 1993
Rachel Whiteread

image / source: …

Kunsthaus, Bregenz, A, 1997
Peter Zumthor

image / source: bureaubakker

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz, LI, 2000
Morger + Degelo, Kerez

image / source: bureaubakker

Lucas Nogueira Garcez Pavilion – Oca, Sao Paulo, BR, 1954
Oscar Niemeyer

concrete dome construction
image / source: …

Masdar Institute Campus, Masdar City / Abu Dhabi, AE,
Foster + Partners,

entirely solar powered cluster of buildings
image / source: masdarcity.ae

Menger Sponge, 1926
Karl Menger

2,77226833 D mathematical construction

image / source:…

National Park Museum Zernez, CH, 2009
Valerio Olgiati

insulated monolithic concrete structure

image / source: bureaubakker

One-family house, Köln-Junkersdorf, DE, 2010
Luczak architekten

fair-faced leightweight concrete
image / source: Nicole Compere, BetonMarketing West / beton.org

Pantheon, Rome, IT, 100 AD
Apollodorus of Damascus / Emperor Hadrian

150 roman feet (43,3 meters) diameter dome of Roman Concrete (Opus caementicium)
image / source: bureaubakker

Phaeno Science Center, Wolfsburg, DE
Zaha Hadid Architects

monolithic concrete structural system - AKT

image / source: bureaubakker

School, Paspels, CH, 1998
Valerio Olgiati

image / source: bureaubakker

Shibboleth, The Unilever Series, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern
Doris Salcedo

image / source: bureaubakker

Slim-Crete, NL, 2007
Annekatrien Verdickt, Jan Terwecoren, Marco Romano, Prefadim

mixed densities within one monolithic element
image / source: bureaubakker

Sponge, NL, 2006

Prefab Concrete Casestudy 2006 result

image / source: bureaubakker

Steinkirche, Cazis, CH
Werner Schmidt

image / source: bureaubakker

Tarra Tower, Almere, NL, 2002

image / source: bureaubakker

Tropenhaus, Frutigen, CH, 2009
Gauer Itten Messerli Architekten & Planer

image / source: www.tropenhaus-frutigen.ch

Unité d’Habitation, Berlin, DE, 1957
Le Corbusier

quintessential concrete bris-soleil

image / source: bureaubakker

Vodafone Building, Oporto, PT,
Barbosa Guimarães Arquitectos

image / source: Paulo Lima / stylepark.com

Zürichhorn Park, Zürich, CH

Concrete platform - multi-use

image / source: bureaubakker