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Valerio Olgiati Architect
Senda Stretga 1
7017 Flims


Valerio Olgiati (1958) is fast becoming one of the most important contemporary architects. He has produced a series of head-turning buildings and building proposals that are considered masterpieces of contemporary architecture and have been published widely in the world’s most prominent architectural journals and monographs. His major projects include the school in Paspels, the Yellow House in Flims, house K+N in Wollerau, the new University in Lucerne, a house in Sari d’Orcino Corsica, a small house in Rottenburg Germany, the project for Lake Cauma in Flims, a house for musician Bardill in Scharans and the museum for the Swiss National Parc in Zernez Switzerland.
Olgiati operates an architecture office in Flims, Switzerland, and he teaches architecture design as a full professor at the Accademia di Architettura, Università della Svizzera Italiana. He has held visiting professorships at the Architecture Association in London, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, and at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. He has recently accepted the prestigious Kenzo Tange Chair and Professorship at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.
He has been awarded the German Architecture Prize Appreciation Honor in 1993 and the prize for ‘the Best Building in Switzerland’ in 1998 and 1999. In 1999 he recieved the International Architecture Prize Appreciation ‘für Neues Bauen in den Alpen’ and in 2001 the Swiss Concrete Award.

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selection of works by Valerio Olgiati:

School in Paspels. Paspels


collaborators: Iris Dätwyler, Gaudens Zindel, Raphael Zuber
structural engineer: Gebhard Decasper, Ingenieurbüro

materials: in-situ concrete, bronze, larch wood

images: Archive Olgiati & Heinrich Helfenstein

view north-west
detail facade

EPFL, Lausanne

2004 - parrallel study commission

collaborators: Aldo Duelli, Pascal Flammer, Michael Umbricht, Sven Richter
structural engineer: Patrick Gartmann, Conzett Bronzini Gartmann

materials: red in-situ concrete, aluminium, partitionwalls in kelko

images: Totalreal

exterior view
exterior view
interior view

House K+N, Wollerau

2005 - villa
project manager: Pascal Flammer
structural engineer: Patrick Gartmann, Conzett Bronzini Gartmann

materials: white in-situ concrete, walnut

images: Archive Olgiati

outside - north
living room

Atelier Bardill, Scharans

2007 - private atelier - one working space

collaborators: Nathan Ghiringhelli, Nikolai Müller, Mario Beeli
structural engineer: Patrick Gartmann, Conzett Bronzini Gartmann

materials: red in-situ concrete, steel, copper

images: Archive Olgiati

detail facade

Office of Valerio Olgiati, Flims


collaborators: Nathan Ghiringhelli, Nikolai Müller, Mario Beeli
structural engineer: Patrick Gartmann, Rolf Bachofner - Conzett Bronzini Gartmann

materials: black in-situ concrete, black painted fir, copper

images: Archive Olgiati

exterior view
interior view

Visiting Center Swiss National Parc, Zernez

2008 - exhibition building

collaborators: Aldo Duelli, Fabricio Ballabio, Theo Barmettler, Pascal Flammer, Herwig Lins, Sara Wiedenbeck
structural engineer: Jon Andrea Knz, Ing.-Bro + Dr.Schwarz Consulting

materials: white insulated concrete (system Liapor), bronze

images: Miguel Javier Verme

entrance court
interior view
staircases - frontal view